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Vintage Karl Schubert French Horn Description: Vintage Karl Schubert French Horn. Yamaha YTR-232/101101A Trumpet Bids: 3.

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engraved Karl Schubert Mouth pipe is marked Czecho Slovakia Karl Vintage 1946 SELMER Paris Grand Prix TRUMPET Engraved: Henri Selmer Paris.

No.758 Karl Mönnich Posaune "Karolus", Goldmessing, Stimmung Bb/F. 2017/ 08/08 22:36 . 2013/03/19 11:11 Vintage The King Trombone. No.695 Vintage No.694 1930's Karl Schubert Trumpet Silver with Gold Wash Bell. 2013/03/19.

of trumpets in use from the end of the Baroque era up to the Romantic period, that .. Schubert, E, occurs in his "Unfinished" Symphony (1822); here the composer . Krause, and Karl Bagans (from Berlin).62 Solo performances by Zenker are instrument very closely fitting this description by the owner of a Paris antique.