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Anonymous comment[edit]. Also spelled kum ba yah, cumbayah, kumbayah, and probably a According to ethnomusicologist Thomas Miller, the song we know began as a Gullah spiritual. Some recordings of it Furthermore, from what I know of Gullah, "kum ba ya" would, in fact, be how one says "come here."messor (talk).

The song may be sung more often than usual this month, especially in By Here, ” which in the Gullah's Creole accent sounds like cum-by-yah.

Cum by ya. Cum bi ya, my Lord Cum bi ya. Cum bi ya my Lord. Cum bi ya. Cum bi ya my Lord. Cum bi ya. O Lord cum bi ya. Someone's crying.

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The first song came to me in 1975 while working at a feed mill lifting 100 pound sacks all day, unloading railroad cars. I looked into the sky from.