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Fingers on Breakdance dance floor,miniature Shoes, Hip-hop music with Urban feel beat; this video is a part of Fingers Breakdance YouTube Channel that features many Popular Fingers Skateboard and Fingers Breakdance videos, some with miniature Shoes, backed with Hip-hop - Urban.

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*Head Spin*. Do a head stand but instead having both of your hands on floor, in front of you. Have one hand on the floor behind you and one infront of you.

I didn't rediscover breakdancing (aka b-boying, not to be confused with popping or locking a la Some other rules of thumb: .. (After a failed attempt to land in the plank position from a front flip, he slammed his face on the.

Learn how to shuffle cards from one hand to another, make a car spin on your finger, or make a card jump from the deck to your hand. These simple tricks are.