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Vintage Cappiello Campari Poster Classics Sarl is proud to present this selection of vintage posters like Contratto, Thermogene, Cognac Monnet, Cachou Lajaunie, Cognac Pellisson, Cognac Albert Robin. We offer the following types of posters; antique posters, French posters, Italian.

Vintage Cappiello Posters - Learn about the father of modern advertising, Leonetto Cappiello, who created remarkably creative poster classics for a variety of.

Vintage Posters - Cappiello Posters. offers Vintage Posters and Antique Posters.

Title: Agence Sarcey & Co., Date: 1898, Size: 8 3. Leonetto Cappiello. Agence Sarcey & Co. 1898. $229 · Title: Aurore, Size: 47.25 · Leonetto Cappiello. Aurore.

View the gallery's full available collection of Cappiello's original vintage posters. These are some of the rarest original italian vintage posters.