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Hung Ga (洪家), Hung Kuen (洪拳), or Hung Ga Kuen (洪家拳) is a southern Chinese martial art belonging to the.

Hung Gar (洪家Hung Ga, 洪拳Hung Kuen, or 洪家拳Hung Ga Kuen) is a member of the family of kung fu styles known as Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. The art was.

Apr 18, 2010 Even though Hung Gar is supposedly named after Hung Hei Gun, the predominant Wong Fei Hung lineage of Hung Gar claims descent not.

Hung Gar 洪家 (Hung Ga), Hung Kuen 洪拳, or Hung Gar Kuen 洪家拳 is a southern Chinese martial art created by Hung Hei Goon and associated with the .

Hung Gar Kuen (洪家拳) [Photos] Hung Gar Kuen is a complex name that takes into account several different iterations. The name Hung Gar Kuen is used.