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They have a specific support groups for families of sex offenders, whether or not you we have a family member who has been convicted of a sexual offense.

Offenders do not fit any stereotype They look like you and me They are our neighbors, relatives and friends and other whom trust to take of our children.But you.

And, in general, juvenile sex offenders are minors between six (6) and 17 years of Families may feel torn over which child to support, and may, in fact, become of the family group to openly discuss what has happened and help the family.

Who would marry and start a family with a convicted sex offender? Mothers of convicted sex offenders are turning to online support groups to learn ways to.

Family Members of Sex Offenders - Support Group hosted by Shenandoah Cardwell in Lake Villa, IL, 60046, (847) 920-7611, Has someone.