Brit nurse forced into sex slavery and saw girl get murdered after being kidnapped in Amsterdam - nurse sex slave


Nurse Practitioner Accused of Trying to Recruit Sex Slaves - NBC Connecticut nurse sex slave

A BRIT nurse who was forced into sex slavery at 19 has told how she has blown the lid off the seedy vice world in her new memoir Slave Girl.

Forsyth travelled to Amsterdam on the promise of a job as a nursery nurse – and instead was abducted at gunpoint and sold as a sex slave.

Kidnapped in London and sold into the sex slave industry in Ireland, Anna had a brutal existence until she was moved to Belfast and escaped.

Sarah Forsythe travelled from her home in Gateshead to become a nursery nurse but had actually been tricked into the sex trade.

Mental health nurse Florence Obadiaru made a woman her sex slave under threat of cursing her with black magic, a tribunal heard today.