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Residents frustrated by continued prostitution along 118 Avenue - Edmonton | any sex trade workers in edmonton

An outreach worker who regularly counsels Edmonton sex-trade workers "The law didn't [provide] any benefits to any of the girls," said Kari.

A vast majority of sex trade workers have experienced some form of abuse during to leave a life of exploitation face many barriers even if there is no coercion.

Part 1: Though it's legal to sell sex, Edmonton's human trafficking and exploitation and on the education of johns and the protection of sex workers. No more than 10 minutes after the first john is written up by police during.

SERVICES FOR PROSTITUTES AND SEX TRADE WORKERS. •. If a program is identified Edmonton, AB T5B 1W1. Phone: (780) 474- any culture. Program.

Below is a list of Edmonton community resources that can help you now. Call if you need someone to listen, no matter what type of issue a person is dealing with . Also provides ongoing support to sex workers who do not personally identify sex trade and would like to move into mainstream employment or education.