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The best wire stripper of 2019 - Business Insider insulation strippers on large cable

Klein's Large Cable Stripper safely removes the insulation on MTW, THHN and THWN-2 cable without nicking the wire. Simply insert the cable and twist for.

285 products Find wire strippers and cable slitters to help cut, strip and terminate a 7" Small and large cable Cable Stripper, 8 AWG to 1250 kcmil Capacity.

Stripping and cutting: PVC-insulated stranded wire conductors from 0.08 to 10 mm² The ideal addition: stripax® 16 for large cross-sections with shaped blade.

A quick and effective tool to cleanly remove the insulation on MTW/THHN/THWN- 2 cable without nicking the wire. Clover design features 4 different sizes (350.

The Klein Tools Large Cable Stripper manages to work with both . interior sheaths of double-insulated wires without cutting or crimping the.