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Janet Mock was in New York with Queen Latifah following the premiere of HBO's Bessie, in which Queen Latifah brings the story of legendary.

In HBO's 'Bessie' there was a scene where Queen Latifah is sitting and is completely nude! But according to Latifah that's not her real body!.

Queen recalls filming a nude scene for the movie Bessie and shares her love of being naked. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Bessie Character Spot- Queen Latifah “Bessie” (HBO Films).

Queen Latifah's “new” movie, HBO's Bessie, actually has been on her radar for more than 20 years. Latifah was best known as a rap artist in the.

Queen Latifah is bringing Bessie Smith to life in HBO's forthcoming biopic on the legendary blues-jazz singer. The experience has presented.