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Paul Winer, Quartzsite's 'naked bookseller', dies - Parker Live naked paul

One of the town of Quartzsite's most noted residents, Paul Winer, has died in his sleep after a lengthy illness at the age of 75. Winer was well.

Mid-performance, he threw off the tunic and started playing naked. The owner got mad, threw him out, and shot at him. Paul called the police.

For some time, I had been planning to visit Reader's Oasis Books in Quartzsite, sometimes known to travelers along the I-10 between Phoenix.

Long-time Quartzsite resident Paul Winer died the evening of May 7 at his home. He was 75 years old. Winer was best known as the owner of.

Quartzsite, Arizona: Naked Bookstore Owner (Gone). Bookstore owner Paul Winer has spent a couple of decades wearing nothing but a strategically positioned.