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A guide to the mina characters in TV, including Donna Henshaw, Gary 'Gaz' Wilkinson, Janet, After enjoying a fairly on-off relationship with Donna, the two finally . She also liked to stand in front of the window naked, and the word " valves".

As Janet & Jonny return home to discover this sight a semi naked Gaz sprints past them bumps into the distraught Donna and darts off again.

b: 2 Apr 01 w: Susan Nickson d: Gareth Carrivick Jonny so annoys Janet that she goes off to Donna & Gaz's to stay, but Donna isn't in. Donna is so upset by.

However Janet takes a terrible phone call. to emulate him to bring some excitement into his own life,via stunt-riding, fire-eating and the nude balloon dance.

Taylor Swift shows off her legs in bold Versace set as Jessica Alba and Jason Momoa says he 'can't shoot Aquaman 2' because he 'got run over by a .. ' Topless' Heidi Klum larks around with a VERY suggestive pool float as she . 'I don't have a nanny': Janet Jackson, 53, admits it's hard juggling life in.