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Vagino- | Definition of Vagino- at combining form for vagina

A, B. Combining Form, Meaning. amni/o, amnion. cervic/o, cervix, neck. chori/o, chorion/o, chorion. colp/o, vagina. culd/o, cul-de-sac. episi/o, vulva. galact/o, milk.

Vagino- definition, a combining form representing vagina in compound words: vaginotomy. See more.

Medical Terminology: get connected! Suzanne Frucht. Cervic/o. • Combining form meaning cervix. • Narrow, lower portion of uterus. • Opens into vagina.

Meaning vagina. Female genitalia, word part genit(o). Meaning organs of reproduction. Female genitalia, word part hyster(o), uter(o), metr/o, metri/o.

Start studying Combining Forms Related to the Female Reproductive. Learn vocabulary colp/o vagin/o. vagina (colposcopy - visual examination of the vagina).