The Challenging Pelvic Examination - speculum placed posteriorly in vagina


Insert Speculum and Inspect Cervix speculum placed posteriorly in vagina

The skin between the posterior vaginal fourchette and the anus (perineal body) should be inspected. The bivalve speculum should now be inserted. It should.

Anterior and posterior vaginal length, vaginal width, and introital the cervix is located anteriorly; in this case, the speculum should be closed.

The wall of the vagina posterior to the cervix is infiltrated with a local anesthetic. . During VIA, the health care provider places a vaginal speculum into the.

Posterior position of the cervix, b. anterior position of the cervix. The cervical position observed during the vaginal speculum examination, may give information about the Material and methods: In this study, we investigated the place of t.

A speculum is a device used to look inside in the vagina and observe the cervix. The patient should be laid on their back, with legs bent at the hip (feet towards Insert the blade of the speculum along the posterior wall of the vagina to hold it .