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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amber Leigh is the penname of Ashley Lister, the author of Amber Leigh (Author) The Wife Swap: Erotic Romance.

A year passed with Kevin and Amber still meeting on Kevin's trips whether Jen but Kevin kept the extra thrill meeting Amber literally behind his wife's back alive by The night stand drawers held erotic books with the ancient teachings of.

Bruce makes a vague attempt to break up with Amber, because he loves his wife, but he just can't keep his pants on with Amber in the room.

Buy Wife Swap (Nexus Enthusiast) by Amber Leigh from Amazon's Fiction This book is a nice little erotic diversion from the Nexus Enthusiast imprint, "the last.

Mark and Anne have been tempted by the idea of wife swapping since their first shared sexual fantasies. They have the desire, the determination and a.