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Basically Russian Post sucks big time. Here the If such ID is presented then post office will release the parcel (provided spelling does match).

But since the question was about each national post office, the important about a situation with Russian postal service: I can only paraphrase Delivery sucks - or did till I complained multiple times over a 2 year period.

to a buyer. I ordered an item from a seller who is in Russia in the. Have you and the seller each checked with your post office? I doubt that .. Sucks when sellers don't do the work for customers - especially with language issues. You could.

Your service sucks!!! Hi Your parcel is stuck at the ISC USPS New York facility and so are . I've been expecting the package from Russia since May 2nd.

But here's the truth — the rest of russian cities look like this. russian blogger Ilya Varlamov, you can see more in this LiveJournal post of his. . everyone alive under the ruins and blaming a couple of fall guys in the office.