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Hello à tous, Petite composition sur des scènes d'amour et de partage entre lesbiennes. POUR ME SOUTENIR.

Clips: Lez Bomb, The Other Side, The Last Blue Cup (short), Inhaling Life (short), Beautiful Brooke, My So Called Family (short), Love You to.

Clips: Faith (short), The Other Side (short), High'rd Help S02E05, Maaya 2 (Ep 2), Bbgirl - B. P. Valenzuela feat. August Wahh & No Rome.

Clips: Easy S01E02: "Vegan Cinderella" Any homophobic comments will be removed. If you have a problem with my video please don't flag it.

Clips: Rome & Juliet Any homophobic comments will be removed. Remember we all I Can Love You Easy (Lesbian MV). xxRainbow1978xx.