Lindsay Lohan’s first lesbian lover Courtenay Semel reveals all | People News - lindsay lohan lesbian with courtney semal


Courtenay Semel calls herself the lesbian "Don Juan" - AfterEllen lindsay lohan lesbian with courtney semal

Courtenay Semel knows all too well what it’s like to live in the Hollywood fast lane. In 2008, Semel was a staple on the L.A. club scene alongside fellow rich gal pals Paris and Nicky Hilton. And a year later, her ex girlfriend and hard-partying Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey.

Courtenay Semel - Lindsay Lohan's Lesbian Affair Socialite Courtenay Semal is spilling the beans on her same sex romance with actress.

Self-proclaimed lesbian “Hollywood Don Juan” Courtenay Semal was spotted out Lindsay Lohan's ex Courtenay Semel has a new girlfriend.

Lindsay Lohan was living with socialite Courtenay Semel in LA late last year. Everyone thinks Samantha is Lindsay's first lesbian love, but we.

Young Hollywood, take note: Lindsay Lohan is no role model – even Socialite Courtenay Semel opens up about her relationship with the troubled starlet December issue of Curve, a magazine for the lesbian community.