Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip Hunting Bullets 243 Cal 6mm - 243 armor penetration


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Enter to win 2 Sets of AR500 Armor Level III Body Armor (See . the AP rounds can but those cost quite a bit.. however a 243 with light bullet at.

Also,.243 SP ammo is plentyful in early-mid game while.270 SP ammo is damage to machines but has trouble penetrating their armor.".

The 45 mm anti-tank gun model 1937 nicknamed the Sorokapyatka was a light quick-firing Due to insufficient armor penetration it was replaced in service by the longer-barreled M-42 in 1942. UBR-243SP – armor piercing; UBZR-243 – armor piercing incendiary; UO-243 – fragmentation; UssH-243 – shrapnel; Smoke.

the higher the SD number, the better the bullet's penetration. .243" .24) 58 grain, SD.140 are Class 2 size animals and none of these.224" bullets have adequate SD for the job, let alone for penetrating barrier materials and light armor.

Here is a 3/8" AR500 plate I shot with my 243 at 25 yards. . are (were), in spitzer shapes do strange thing to armor plate at very high velocity. I've done some experimental penetration testing of 1/2" mild steel with a variety.