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After it was announced by the Strategic Rail Authority in June Class 57/3s were used to haul two daily Virgin services.

Its first British Rail number was D1705. It was used in the testing of the Class 57s at Loughborough in 1998, by which time it had lost its faded BR Blue for two tone Green. during the conversion of another batch of Class 57s, this time for Virgin. Following a period away from the GCR at Washwood Heath ( Birmingham).

Virgin Thunderbirds are Go. Following a contract award and successful service handover, December 2012 saw the start of the DRS contract to provide.

Class 57/3 57306 'Jeff Tracy' Virgin. Great Central Gentlemen's Toilet GCR Green & Cream 44-115A £19.95; Great Central Single Track Road Bridge 44-121 .

Most currently on the Mainline,used by FGW,Virgin,DRS and West-Coast and quite recently (2012) WCRly's 57313 is seen leading the Statesman Train with an unseen 47804 on the rear. have the Northern Belle which today has reverted to Class-57 haulage (Diesel Gala) 11th June 2011 · GCR.