Ask a Surgeon - Breast Augmentation - breast implant stacking


Aesthetic breast augmentation: the double implant. breast implant stacking

For use in breast reconstruction, a dual-lumen stacked tissue expander was placed in a submuscular/subfascial pocket extending 2 cm below the inframammary.

Magn Reson Imaging. 1995;13(2):339-42. MR imaging of slipped stacked breast implants: a potential pitfall in the diagnosis of intracapsular rupture. Mason.

Since 1962, plastic surgeons have used the silicone gel-filled breast implant 1993, A. Miller patented the stacked breast implant used in breast reconstruction.

Background: Several attempts have been made to develop dual-lumen self- enclosed breast implants and differentially shaped breast implants. However, they.

The integrity of silicone-gel breast implants can be evaluated by MR imaging. The findings of intra- and extracapsular rupture have been described. Increasingly.