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Wedding party treated to couple who decided skinny dipping | Daily Mail Online young adults skinnydiping parties

Skinny dipping isn't necessarily sexual, though some people do get a “We used to go skinny dipping pretty much every time we had a party.

Guests treated to naked couple who decided to go skinny dipping in as it was offensive to some people in the wedding party,' Fowler said.

Q. We're cranking up the pool for the season and are wondering, what's the protocol when skinny-dipping happens? It's surprised us at a couple of our parties.

If your buddies are smashed and start to talk about skinny dipping, see if you We all have people we'd be perfectly happy to strip down with, and others be the attention-seeking guest at the party who's the only one naked.

Not the place for a quiet skinny-dip, Paradise Beach is famous for its crazy party atmosphere, busy bars and 'clothing optional' policy. You might want to pack a.