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6 (A) rwanda lasting wounds: Consequences of Genocide and War for and slaughter children along with adults in massacre after massacre.

civil war. This report synthesizes the team's findings. Assistance to Rwanda. Helping the pected war criminals, four alleged leaders of dren and with adults.

Rwanda has one of the highest population densities in Africa (1,060/sq mi) with a young, mostly rural population. The Tutsi launched a civil war in 1990, then a genocide in 1994 in . There are 6,793,877 adults in Rwanda.

Rwanda's young generation did not experience the genocide of 1994 in which at least 800000 people, mostly ethnic Tutsis, He's too young, the adults tell him. Here, too, many years of silence followed the end of the war.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS after the genocide, Rwanda is still an enigma. they expanded into calamitous regional wars during which Congo's minerals Under a fifth of the population is old enough to have been adults during.