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The urachus is a midline tubular structure that stretches from the apex of the bladder Urachal remnant infections can be considered in adults with umbilical .

But what happens if part of the urachus remains after birth? Read on to learn They can be seen in infants or children, and rarely in adults. It is unclear why this .

Upon further evaluation and cystoscopy she was discovered to have a urachal cyst. Urachal cysts are extremely rare and even more uncommon in adults, as it is .

Int J Urol. 1994 Sep;1(3):275-7. Congenital patent urachus in an adult: a case report. Takano Y(1), Okatani K, Okamoto S, Enoki N. Author information.

Persistence of undetected urachal anomalies may cause abdominal and/or urinary complications in both pediatric and adult populations as a.