Hopelink Adult Education - ESL Lesson: Body Parts - teach esl adult body parts


Human body and health lessons and worksheets for ESL teachers teach esl adult body parts

Human body and health exercises that assist English language teachers with the aid of images that can be used to teach body parts, injuries and English Teaching Body Parts Lesson Idea Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy.

ESL Lesson Idea: Body Parts. Description. By the end of this lesson, your students should have some familiarity with common terminology for parts of the body.

Engaging ESL parts of the body games, activities and worksheets to help teach students vocabulary and language related to body parts.

Use these games and activities to teach your ESL students vocabulary about the human body, and where it will usually come up in.

An integral component of the adult ESL literacy and low-beginning level Students will repeat names of parts of body in unison as teacher points to those areas.