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Sessility is the biological property of an organism describing its lack of a means of self-locomotion. Absent natural motility sessile organisms are normally.

Biologically speaking, an organism that is sessile (as opposed to motile) lacks shows barnacles, which have a motile larval stage and a sessile adult stage.

Name an invertebrate with a sessile adult stage. 2. Describe the skeleton of a sponge. 3. Sponges have specialized cells called collar cells. Describe how collar.

are sessile. all of the above. all of the above. Spicules are. hard spike-like structures in the wall of a sponge. Adult sponges. have body wall with many pores.

Sponges lack true tissues, have no body symmetry, and are sessile; types are classified As larvae, sponges are able to swim, but as adults, they are sessile.