List-strength effects in older adults in recognition and free recall | SpringerLink - recall among senior adults


PsyArXiv Preprints | Age-Related Differences in Recall and Recognition: A Meta Analysis recall among senior adults

J Allied Health. 2003 Fall;32(3):196-201. Using memory strategies to improve 24- hour dietary recalls among older adults. Shumaker NL(1), Ball AL.

We assessed the impact of two hypothesized mechanisms leading to the impaired memory performance of older adults in an immediate serial recall task.

Two experiments investigated LSE in recall and recognition in older adults and young adults who encoded items with full or divided attention.

Record 1983 - 27135 PDF | An experiment is reported in which young and elderly adults performed cued-recall and recognition tests while carrying out a choice.

(Reuters Health) - Older people with type 2 diabetes may struggle more with verbal memory than their peers without the disease, a recent study.