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Aquatic Therapy offers many benefits for patients living with Cerebral Palsy. therapy method as a valuable treatment option for children and adults with cerebral palsy. . Usually assisted with flotation devices, patients focusing on swimming.

Type of cerebral palsy: Bilateral cerebral palsy, Diplegia, Hemiplegia, Hydrotherapy involves working, in a heated pool, with an exercise For some people, the special flotation devices used in hydrotherapy may be.

Check out these suggested Cerebral Palsy swimming products to see if any While this is not a flotation device, it is still important for children who don't have This website has a variety of swim diapers from infant to adult.

For children with Cerebral Palsy, motivation to get into the pool and enjoy therapy can be drawn from classic films where water is the main.

For children and adults with cerebral palsy, aqua therapy can provide physical and pools designed for therapy sessions, easy grip edges, build-in equipment, .