Gingival cyst of adult: A rare case - gingival cyst of adult


gingival cyst of adult

Gingival cyst of adult is an uncommon cyst of gingival soft tissue occurring in either the free or attached gingiva. This odontogenic epithelial cyst is most.

Gingival cyst of the adult is a rare slow growing and asymptomatic lesion that arises from the rests of the dental lamina. The present report.

Odontogenic cysts. Gingival cyst (adult) Author: Annie Morrison, M.D. (see Authors page) Editor: Kelly R. Magliocca, D.D.S., M.P.H.. Revised: 21.

ABSTRACT. Background: Gingival cyst of adult is an uncommon, small, non inflammatory, extra-osseous, developmental cyst of gingiva arising.

Gingival cyst of adult is a rare condition. It usually occurs on the facial gingiva as a single small flesh colored swelling, sometimes with a.