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Generativity vs. Stagnation in Psychosocial Development generative adult

The extensive research literature on generativity is reviewed, and an extensive case study of the life story of one especially generative midlife woman — a.

The famous psychoanalytic theorist Erik Erikson defined generativity as an adult’s concern for and commitment to promoting the well-being of future generations. Erikson argued that generativity (versus stagnation) is the central psychosocial issue of the middle-adult years.

Tag: Generative adults. Virtue Talk Podcast: Dan P. McAdams on Generativity. Click the link below to hear our scholar Dan P. McAdams discuss his psychology research in generativity and redemptive life narratives.

The present study compared the personality characteristics assessed in life stories of 40 highly generative adults to those in the life stories of a contrasting.

Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson wrote that in the middle years of adult life we have little to do with generativity itself, some goals are generative.