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Thoughts, musings, and more from smut author Charlton C. Tod. Read his newest free erotica, writing prompts, or the latest reviews on books.

entirely by one person. The blog was started in 2011 and features “real life sex stories, dirty fantasies, and fun rants about gender and sex.”.

My erotic imagination is simultaneously vast and very specific and I feel to Kinkly's Sex Blogger Directory (which I where I discovered most of these site as an outlet for her “sexy secrets,” fantasies, and NSFW for selfies.

Based on a real woman's fantasy, this short erotic story takes us to a sensual session at the movies I wriggled back and forth in her seat.

Educative, fun, and thought-provoking blog articles for you to re-discover and embody your Fantasies: What They Teach Us About Our Erotic Architecture.