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Portions and Serving Sizes - daily dietary servings recommendations for a young adult

Choose the recommended number of daily servings from each of the five major Food group, Children ages 2 to 6 years, women, some older adults (about Young children 2 to 3 years old need the same number of servings as others, but .

But what you eat as a young adult can affect your energy, your appearance and your You need at least six servings of grains a day, and at least half your grain .

The dietary patterns in the table below provide the nutrients and energy needed by all men and women of average height with sedentary to moderate activity levels. Additional serves of the Five Food Groups or unsaturated spreads and oils or discretionary choices are needed only by.

Here are the recommended number of daily or weekly servings of each food type, based on eating a total of 2,000 calories per day. Your calorie needs may be.

Life as a young person can be fast, furious and fun. To grow At least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit every day. Eat many Dried fruit and fruit juice are not recommended because they contain a lot of sugar.