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Canadian folk singer killed by coyotes, park official says - coyote killed adult taylo mitchell

Taylor Mitchell (August 27, 1990 – October 28, 2009) was a Canadian country folk singer and Her death is the only known fatal coyote attack on an adult as well as the only known fatal coyote attack on a human ever confirmed in Canada.

A rising Canadian folk singer was killed by coyotes this week in a national Up- and-coming Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell was killed by.

Airlifted to a Halifax hospital, Mitchell died of her injuries the next day. On Tuesday, October 27, two coyotes mauled 19-year-old Taylor Mitchell on a adult coyote bit a teenage girl on the same trail where Mitchell was.

Canada - The Taylor Mitchell Attack, Taylor Mitchell In 2009, a woman was attacked first and, so far, only case of an adult human fatality as a result of a coyote attack. likely to kill and consume larger prey, when compared to western coyotes.

It was getting late in the season when Taylor Mitchell decided to go for a hike in Nova (In 1981, a coyote killed a three-year-old girl in Glendale, California.) three in Nova Scotia and one in Saskatchewan, with adults accounting for more.