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Good closing activities can help ensure that Gathering everyone in a circle at the end of a team building session can let you use the metaphor of connection.

Dec 15, 2015 Quick activities that can be used to check for understanding or Closure refers to an activity that ends a lesson and creates a lasting . a card, circle one of the following options, and return the card to you before they leave.

Aug 12, 2019- Explore mfirst00's board "Morning Meeting/Closing Circle Ideas" on Add some 'zen' to the end of your day with these fun challenges for students . the meetings enough to keep students (and adults) interested and engaged.

Effective adult educators use small group methods to maximize each learner's when they arrive for the workshop or meeting, during the learning session and.

Mar 22, 2017 Try one of the five techniques to close your team meeting. Do not just randomly pick one because it seems fun or cool, but really give it some.