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One new feature that accompanied the expansion of the Exodus is the Adult Pran . As the shift towards such a way, his pran will carry a pair of.

Fairy and child Prans will always have a Cute personality. Teenage and adult Prans can have different personalities based on the answers you give them when you talk to them. Each answer you give the Pran while talking adds points to specific personality columns.

Prans evolve through a fairy, child, teenage, and adult forms. In order to advance it, you must complete a quest at Pran level 5, 20, and 50. Your Pran will not.

AIKA GLOBAL. You can acquire a Pran by completing a series of quests. When your You will first have to name your Pran to let it come to life.

Nov 17, 2011 That day has finally come with the release of Aika Epic II: Karena on Each pran will also gain her adult wings, with a style determined by her.