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One used to be able to search the Adults Only category by hitting "Categories", then "Everything Else", then "Adults Only". Now it's gone, nowhere to be found! found by going to site map-a-z index A-Adult only listings: Searching for.

Adults only login. You can't access the adult site from a mobile device use a computer to login. 0 Helpful. Kudo. Comments (0). Comments (0). Options.

Doing a search out in the main area won't show items listed as adult-only, . a tiny purple (i) is there and it says (are you looking for the adults only category).

Some items, though legal to sell to adults outside of eBay, are still restricted on Approved sellers can list in this category only on or after September 22, 2014.

Did you know that eBay has an Adults Only section? Kind of like the back room at video rental store, go to their Categories page and scroll all the way to the end.