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YoVille Creator Seeks To Avoid The Game’s Death By Buying It Back From Zynga – TechCrunch adult yoville

The Yoville Adult Server Epic Trade Center. 66 likes. We provide free services to our citizens. We will assist them on trading/selling/buying while on.

Yoville Adult and Kids Server connect.(Yasc). 26 likes. Contest.

If you're 18 years old or above, you'll go into adult server. If you're 17 years old or below, you'll go into kid server. Yet those servers combined.

They're the best place to talk YoWorld, get the latest news and have fun with other players outside of the game. . Will there still be a kids/adult server split?.

“YoVille's a massive virtual world not unlike Second Life (but not “adult” in any way) that at its peak was one of Zynga's top-3 money-makers.