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How Big Is Porn? adult video market

French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur has really delved into Microsoft's new search engine (our thoughts here) this morning. After Googling himself.

Now that chains have taken over the rental market, scoring adult videos on a whim ain't so easy. But if you have to get your stroke on faster than the internet can.

pornography, this book focuses on the production of adult videos. the nature of markets and the wider cultural impact of the industry.

In Japan, Adult Videos (AV) are a genre of pornographic movies distinguishable from pink films .. The major film studio, Shintōhō Eiga, entered the AV (adult video) market in 1992 with its "Hard Porno" series. This was a line of video- releases.

The JAE markets itself as an “Adult Video Fan Thanksgiving Festival” where XXX studios from all over the country gather every year to promote.