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10 Dirty jokes in Disney and Pixar movies that slipped by you the 10 Shocking Adult Jokes In Disney Movies Other Videos you might like.

Disney and Pixar movies are seen not only by children but adults too! So some of the Pixar naughty jokes how is this video not 5hours long.

Yes, there are lots of sexual innuendos in Disney films (Picture: Disney from the scene and it was gone by the time the film was released on video in 1999. The adults knew it was really the driver that was the happy one.

Sexual innuendos in Disney movies Personally we find the adult-based hidden messages funny – but then again we're Tangled: Hidden Word S-E-X . On copies of The Little Mermaid home video (VHS), it seems that one of the castle's.

As Disney films became available on home video, they were scrutinized . they believe was the word “SEX” briefly formed by the cloud of plant dust. . for purchase in the adult collector targeted “Treasures” DVD collections.