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Like it or not, lots of people search for nude celebrities on Google. But with Ironically, Google Instant's adult feature completely fails to block a.

Sex, Violence, and Autocomplete Algorithms There go your plans to have Google help you out with your search for boob-related things. well as to “detect adult or offensive content,” according to a recent post on the Bing blog. raising the question: Is there such a thing as a gay-friendly search engine?.

It's hard to see in the dark but it's not impossible and plenty of people who by them using technologies like DARPA's Memex search engine.

Bing search engine shows child pornography images of both boys and CP' (a known abbreviation for 'child pornography') and 'nude family . Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it – TechCrunch.

On my screen were vivid photos of naked women posed on stacks of pillows. " No matter how good the filtering device, they all can be dangerous to the extent that and Hustler; and adult Web sites hawked via America Online e-mail. Then we threw in innocent search terms that could unintentionally.