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Because of this, we have compiled a list of the 10 best LEGO sets for adults that you can spend hours working on without judgment from anybody. Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Lego Set For Adults. For more lego sets, check out our top Lego technic sets on the market today.

You can still play with LEGO as an adult. These 13 LEGO sets — from a 6000- block advanced Hogwarts castle to an Indiana Jones airplane to.

Lately, beloved building block company LEGO has unveiled all sorts of cool sets. For animal lovers, there are cat kits; aspiring architects can stack their own skylines; and, now, there is LEGO FORMA, a fish-inspired line geared toward overwhelmed grown-ups. Unlike standard sets.

Much like video games, Star Wars toys, and soccer leagues, LEGO sets are no longer just for kids. In fact, the AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO).

Lego is fantastic fun for kids and adults. Discover the joy of sets, with our pick of the top of the blocks.