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'Ken Park' (2002) The fact that Gallo apparently used a prosthetic penis for the scene doesn't make it any less uncomfortable to watch, nor.

Today we breakdown the controversial film Ken Park, a film that shows us the dysfunctional family lives of four . can't believe that tate is our adult eddie kaspbrak wild. Like where has this actor been since this scene!.

3. leden 2013 Originální název: Ken Park, Informace o filmu na Akční / dobrodružný / drama, USA, Nizozemí, Francie, 2002.

Ken Park is a 2002 erotic drama teensploitation written by Harmony Korine, who based it on Larry Clark's journals and stories. The film was directed and shot by.

A teenage boy performs unsimulated oral sex on an adult woman. The male's buttocks are shown and the female's breasts & pubic hair are visible. This scene .