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You'll need a seat at the adult table to read these books, kids. Constantine and Justice League Dark, but it's his creator-owned Image Comics.

Comic books are often dismissed as juvenile works, but they also represent a powerful art form that attracts imaginative storytellers who are interested in writing .

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series may be one of the darkest movies, but it holds no candle to the darkest storylines in comic books.

Who says comic books are for kids? From 'The Walking Dead' and 'Alias' to 'Saga' and 'Fun Home,' here are the best comic books for adults. This dark fantasy tale isn't for everyone, but fans of intellectual horror will fall.

These are the 25 comic books you need to ready before you die, from series reimagined the tale of The Vision into a dark suburban nightmare. .. quickly became the destination for adults looking to get back into comics.