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Top 9 Adult Christmas Songs adult christmas parodies

For a season that can be stressful and emotionally draining for the adults in the house, the version of Christmas music that stores and.

F**k Me, Santa - Mrs. Claus. Santa Baby - Future Holiday Hitmakers. Listen to X-Rated Xmas - A Very Dirty Christmas in full in the Spotify app.

Rated Xmas is a music parody album. The songs on the album are parodies of popular Christmas songs, but with graphic, often sexual, lyrics.

Computer Wonderland (to the tune of Winter Wonderland) by D M Goldstein Axes swing, are you listenin'? Gold and jewels, how they glisten. A beautiful sight.

Few things can make you giggle like a school kid faster than Christmas song parodies. Find help remembering old favorites and learn about others that might. .